When Mom Makes You Cry

by Sheniqua Waters

Not too long ago, I was listening to a talk show on the radio and I heard a seventy-two year old man cry as he recounted the treatment he received from his mother when he was a young boy. He said his dad was in prison a lot and his mother took all of her frustration out on him by beating him…almost every day. He said what hurt him the most was the fact his mother never acknowledged her actions or apologized for her actions.

On the same radio show, another man described how years before he had been in a horrific car accident which left him paralyzed. He described in detail how his life changed suddenly and dramatically. He chronicled his many surgeries, the excruciating pain and the distress he felt at his loss of mobility. He conveyed the feelings he felt the moment he realized a lot of the dreams he had would never come true. The talk show host then asked the man how he dealt with his new reality. The man said he tried to stay positive. The talk show host then asked the man if going through the recovery process was the most painful time in his life. The man responded by saying no. According to him, losing his mobility and the surgeries were not the most painful time in his life. He said the most painful time in his life was when he was young and had to live with his mother.

The man’s answer astonished me. Was it really possible that being hurt by one’s mother could truly be more painful than being paralyzed? After hearing these men’s admission about their mothers, I began to listen to people as they spoke about their mothers. It seems to me almost everyone has been deeply wounded by their mother in some way.

Is this true of your experience with your mother? Has your mother deeply hurt you in some way? Does she know it? Does she care? If you have been hurt by your mother, is it because you wanted and expected her to be a loving caretaker who would always make you feel special? Did you expect her to always be fair, forgiving and supportive of you and your decisions? Was she? If you do not think your mother lived up to your expectations, could it be because too much was expected from the woman you call mother? Or is it that without an acknowledgment from your mother that she hurt you… without a request of forgiveness from your mother… it is just not possible to heal?


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Disclaimer: The words you just read were written for thought-provoking purposes only. Any resemblance to a mom you may know is purely coincidental.


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